Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before using our services provided by AidproCA. By accessing or using our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

  1. Service Agreement a. AidproCA provides water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and related services. b. Services are provided based on the agreed scope of work and pricing discussed with the client. c. Any changes or additions to the scope of work must be agreed upon in writing.
  2. Pricing and Payments a. Pricing for our services will be discussed and agreed upon before commencing any work. b. Payment terms and methods will be specified in the agreement. c. Additional charges may apply for any extra services or materials not included in the original agreement.
  3. Insurance a. AidproCA maintains appropriate liability insurance coverage for all services provided. b. Clients are responsible for contacting their insurance providers to determine coverage for the services provided by AidproCA.
  4. Limitation of Liability a. AidproCA will exercise reasonable care and skill in providing services, but we cannot guarantee specific results or outcomes. b. We are not liable for any damages, losses, or liabilities arising from the use or inability to use our services, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  5. Confidentiality a. AidproCA will maintain the confidentiality of all client information and will not disclose it to any third party, except as required by law.
  6. Termination a. Either party may terminate the service agreement by providing written notice. b. Clients will be responsible for any fees or costs incurred up to the termination date.
  7. Governing Law a. These Terms and any disputes arising from or relating to them will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which AidproCA operates.
  8. Entire Agreement a. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between AidproCA and the client and supersede any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.

Please review these Terms and Conditions carefully. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not access or use our services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [contact information]